The next generation solution for building and managing your sign vendor network, securely, accurately and efficiently.

Designed specifically for large retail buyers and national sign companies, this free, cloud-based solution saves you time, labor and headaches by enriching your existing vendor relationships with accurate data from thousands of other potential sign contractors, providing you with a verified network of qualified sign vendors at your fingertips.

Welcome to your new online sign vendor management dashboard — SignsearchPRO!

Get organized

SignsearchPRO isn't built to replace any ERP or CRM system you already have in place. SignsearchPRO will compliment those systems because it's built to help you manage what happens in the field.

It all starts with your client. Your client has a location, and the location has a project, and that's where the magic happens. Create your project, search for and add potential contractors to your bid queue, compare bids received and award your contract - an easily managed workflow from start to finish.

…and none that you don't. PRO isn't cluttered with a bunch of features you won't use, but it's got everything you need for effective sign contractor management.

  • Have large files you need to send to your contractors (or bid list)? PRO can handle files of any size, and you control who has access to these files. Are the files too large to email to contractors? Setup a drop site in minutes and send a link to your contractors that they can access to easily download the files.
  • Internal communication within a project has never been easier or more efficient. Your project managers can reply to internal project related messages from within their existing email clients and have those conversations archived in PRO. It's a huge time saver and incredibly convenient.
  • Wondering just who exactly you've already sent project details too? Not an issue in PRO, all contractor emails sent through PRO are stored in their respective projects.
  • Are you a large shop with lots of project managers? No problem. Each user gets their own login and you – the owner / admin – gets to decide which users have access to which projects and with what permissions.
  • To-Do lists, project notes, comments, project document storage… it's all there and oh so convenient in PRO.

Companies run better when they operate collaboratively, don't you think? We sure do. That's why PRO was designed so that data can be effortlessly shared across your entire team of users. Want to view what your colleagues have to say about a contractor? Need to know who has worked on your company's projects in a particular area of the country? Want to look at specific details on a client, location or project? It's all right there in front of you. It's just another way PRO helps your team operate like a team.

Keep all of your data in one place, accessible from anywhere, on any device. Archive your project details for future reference or reporting. It's all at your fingertips.

Remote, report, and rewards

On the road a lot? Need to get things done when you're away from the office? Getting used to having everything you need on your smartphone or tablet? We hear ya.

PRO works just as slick on mobile as it does from your desktop browser. Build your own network, manage your contractors, send communication, tap into our HUGE database of contractors, and take it all with you wherever you go. How sweet is that?

What good is all of this data if you can't report on it? Exactly. We thought of that when we first started developing PRO and we haven't forgotten since. Simply put, PRO is your online file cabinet for everything project related that you need to keep track of. Looking for service history for a particular location? Who did the work and what did they do? Photos of completed jobs? Survey notes, invoices, contact information, internal ratings, documents, etc.? It's all there… private, easily accessible, and as in-depth as you want to make it.

Sign companies can list themselves on SignsearchPRO for free. That's good for you, the project manager, as it gives you access to the largest possible universe of contractors. But not surprisingly all this cool PRO stuff is made possible by sign companies that choose to advertise with us. We'll reward you a $5 storage credit when you recognize these advertisers and award them jobs. Additionally, any sign contractor that elects to upgrade their SignsearchPRO listing as a result of your "referral" will net both you and the contractor a $25 credit.

It's our little way of thanking you and the sign contractors that make Signsearch the best online tool the sign industry has ever had. It's like a virtual pat on the back for everybody!


Experience our new and much improved search functionality full of new features and powerful tools.


Effective sign contractor management has never been easier. All the features you need and none you don't.


Share data across your entire team of users. Build your own Signsearch network of trusted sign contractors.

Try it for free. Keep it for free.

We've saved the best for last. Take a test drive of SignsearchPRO for free, and when you realize that you've found sign project contractor nirvana, keep it, for free. What's that? You have a bunch of project managers at your company that you want to share your new found love with? Okay. They're free as well. Everyone's free. I think you get the picture.

So What do you actually get for FREE?

  • Unlimited Active Projects
  • Unlimited Archived Projects
  • Unlimited Users
  • Unlimited Support
  • 15GB Storage

Now, let's take a look at the fine print. If you find that you need to use more than 15GB of online storage, it's only $25 per month for 5GB of additional storage. That's as fine as it gets. No contract. No commitment. Just results.

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