What's happening in SignsearchPRO

At PRO, we're focused on helping your business succeed. We do that by continuing to build on the great features you love to use. To read the list of these improvements to PRO, please read below.

December 2017

Add company logo to email signature

We've added the ability to add your company logo as a merge field to your email signature for your PRO emails allowing your to further customize your PRO experience and add more credibility to your PRO emails.

Ability to CC yourself on a PRO email

While using email in PRO is super easy, we've given you the ability to CC yourself on your PRO email. So you can keep track of your PRO email in the place you live most, your inbox.

November 2017

PRO email FROM update

We've made a big improvement to PRO email, which will now display who the email is "from" instead of displaying a generic email address. This improvement will help sign contractors better identify when a PRO user has sent a bid request or some other form of PRO email.

Search by contractor ID

We now allow PRO users to search for sign contractors by Contractor ID, a User company's unique identifier for a specific contractor. This search is available in both My Network as well as in the Admin section under the Blacklist menu.

Add users to clients in teams

In order to reduce the clutter for the day-to-day PRO user, you can now add users to specific clients in PRO. Allowing them to only see the clients and projects they are working on will make it much easier to find what they are looking for.

October 2017

Client, location and project import functionality

PRO Admin users can now import clients, locations and projects data into their PRO account for all account users to access. Keeping all this information in the PRO cloud will help the management of PRO vendors seem effortless.

Project share link

Collaboration is a big part of working in PRO. We've added a "project share link" to your project details page. With one click you can copy the link to your project and share it with other active, logged-in user of your team via email, IM or any other internal communication.

Search clients, locations and projects feature

It's now really easy to find the client, location or project you're looking for with this new search feature. You can search by a number of different options to easily find the information you're looking for. Just another way PRO makes managing your vendor network easier than ever.

September 2017

Two Factor Authentication (2FA)

We've added Two Factor Authentication (2FA) to SignsearchPRO. 2FA is an extra layer of security that is known as "multi factor authentication" that requires not only a password and username but also something that only that user has in their possession, in our case an SMS (text) message sent to their mobile phone.

To confidently verify your users' identity and protect your company's PRO instance data, enable 2FA for your users.

User ext field result in new email template merge fields

We've added an "ext" field to the user phone number section. We've also included both the "ext" and "mobile" data as email template merge fields, allowoing more detailed user email templates.

Custom fields sorting

You can now organize your contractor's custom fields in any order you wish. This new functionality allows you to drag and drop your custom fields into any order. The order of your custom fields will be consistant for all contractor profiles.

Export contractor details

We've built functionality to allow a PRO user to export contractor details for a contractor that has been awarded a job in PRO. This information can easily be used to update your accounting or CRM system. Just another one of the many advantages of managing your contractors through PRO.

Allow mimic access to VCG Support personnel

PRO account admins now have the abiliy to grant VCG Support personnel "mimic" access to each of a PRO company's users in order to login as them to provide support services. When this access is turned off, only members of your organization can access company information.

August 2017

Email tab

We've added a new main nav section called EMAIL. This section is split into 3 left tabs of "Your Project Emails", "Your Other Emails" and "Your Deleted Emails". Here we keep a complete back and forth record of all emails sent / received by the user in PRO. They are filterable and sortable lists. When a specific email is clicked on to view its details it can be replied to or forwarded from this view.

It's like an Inbox and a Sent folder combined in that both emails that are sent and those for which replies are received back will appear in the same view (as separate line items).

When an email has been "deleted" it's not really gone, it gets moved to the "Your Deleted Emails" tab. On this tab you choose to restore the email or delete it permanently.

Suspended network connections identified

We've created an identifier within Network Connections that we refer to as "suspended". This as a status that networked contractors are placed in who have expired COI's. Network connected contractors whose COI's expire are automatically suspended and these suspended connections are identified as such in the PRO My Network list and in PRO search result listings. Suspended connections do NOT get filtered out of my network, but are visually identified as being suspended. When a new valid COI is provided, the connection is automatically "un-suspended" and the visual markings are removed.

July 2017

Auto logout

As a security measure, your SignsearchPRO session will automatically timeout after 30 minutes of inactivity. This security feature is intended to prevent another individual from accessing your personal SignsearchPRO account while your computer is unattended. If you have timed-out of your session, you will be prompted to login again with your email and password.

Please note that it's always considered best practice to log out of SignsearchPRO (and any other login protected service) anytime you expect to be away from the application for any significant period of time.

Project description now available as an email template merge field

When creating email templates, you can now include the project description as a merge field. This will allow you to easily describe your project to potential contractors without a lot of additional typing during the email process.

Display contractor contact info on profile page

You can now see full contractor contact information on the contractor profile page. Previously, in order to see contractor contact information, you either had to have previous email communication through PRO or they must be listed as a contractor on a PRO project. This is no longer the case, making PRO more versatile and user friendly.

Expired additional insured COI indicator

We've updated the appearance of the Network Connection icon within a search result and on the My Network page with an icon ( ), indicating when a contractor's Certificate of Insurance naming your organization as an additional insured has expired. They will still appear in a search result, but will be identified as having an expired COI.

June 2017

Add additional insured documents

Additional Insured documents are an important part of dealing with contractors. Now, users and contractors alike can add these documents to PRO. They're super simple to add, and they're very convenient.

Add custom fields to contractor's profile

Custom fields allow you to add any custom data to a contractors profile. You can create lists, radio button selectors, check boxes and input fields. These fields will become standard for every contractor profile viewed only by users in your organization.

Certified wrap installer certification

Contractors can now indicate if they have been certified as a wrap installer. Certifications include 3M, Lowen, Fellers, Avery Dennison, and more. To view a contractor's wrap certification, click on the PRO Services tab on the contractor profile.

Project specific internal contractor rating

You now have the ability to internally rate contractors based on a specific project. These internal ratings will only appear for users within your organization and will appear in a search result as well as the contractor's profile page.

May 2017

Add a unique contractor ID to a contractor profile

We've added the ability to assign a unique value (contractor ID) to any contractor profile for your own internal purposes. These contractor ID's can be found on the PRO Details tab of the contractor profile and will only be visible to users in your organization.

Add PRO contractor notes

Add an internal note specific to a contractor on the PRO Notes tab of the contractor profile page. These internal notes will only be visible to users of your organization. You can add as many notes as necessary and any note added will be labeled with the user's name and include a date stamp.

Blacklisting contractors

We've given the ability for company admins to "Blacklist" a contractor profile. Blacklisted profiles will not show up for any user within your organization.

Expanded profile certifications

We've expanded the PRO Services certifications. Now contractors can indicate of they are certified in the following categories: Welding, Engineering and Crane Operator. Click "request info" if the contractor has not provided that information and an email will automatically be sent to the contractor.

What's up next?

Report contractors who don't respond

Communication in business is key, and when a contractor doesn't respond to requests, we'd like to know. In an upcoming release, you'll have the ability to let us know when a contractor fails to respond to an inquiry.

Allow vendors to upload bids online

We're working on providing your vendors the ability to upload their bids directly into PRO. Ensuring all your bids are accurate and in the same place.

SMS communication being added to PRO

We'll soon be adding SMS (texting) communication in PRO so you can stay up-to-date with what's going on.